6 out of 10 candidates wear lucky underwear at a job interview

3rd June 2008

Source: OnRec
6 out of 10 interview candidates rely on lucky underwear to get them through a job interview according to new research by employment law firm Peninsula. Recent research questioning 3024 workers found that 84% of respondents wear what they believe is, something lucky to get them through a job interview with 6 in 10 of these wearing lucky underwear. Additionally 73% of respondents admit to checking their horoscope immediately before an interview believing it will be an indicator of whether they get the job or not.

The top 10 lucky charms candidates take with them to a job interview include:

– Lucky Underwear (sometimes unwashed!)
– Lucky Jewellery
– Brooch
– Lucky shoes
– An object from Childhood, i.e. blanket/teddy
– 4 leaf clover
– Key ring
– Lucky stone
– Lucky Pen/Pencil
– Lucky photograph of someone i.e. boyfriend/relative

Peter Done, Managing Director of Peninsula said today, "Union-jack underwear is not guaranteed to get you the job, so get prepared, turn up early for the interview, dress smartly and sell yourself, leave the lucky underwear at home. I'm amazed at how superstitious people are, one employee we spoke to took wearing lucky underwear to the extreme claiming his briefs are so lucky that he refuses to wash them."

Done continues, "Employers want to know your skills and expertise, so use the interview as an opportunity to market yourself. Do not run the risk of being late because you forget your lucky charm because an employers biggest gripe is candidates who are late."

"Candidates who believe their horoscope can predict the outcome of an interview may need a reality check. Your star-sign is not going to determine how you perform or what the outcome will be. The habit of checking our horoscope seems to get the better of us, it's all too easy to look for the smallest of clues in the hope that it tells us whether we are going to be successful or not, when in reality, luck plays no part at a job interview and it's down to how we perform on the day that counts."

News Courtesy of Onrec.com
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