Shape Up Your Attitude – It May Be Your Last Chance?

1st June 2009

In this troublesome climate, employers are forced to look at their staff in different ways and with cuts in wages and employment spreading throughout all industries and sectors, employees are being judged on their effectiveness productivity as members of staff.


Positive and approachable employees that are great to work with can brighten any workplace and are more valued by employers. Most employers will understand that anyone can have a bad day at the office but persistent moaning and pessimistic and grumpy attitudes from staff can have an effect on how employers see you and more importantly how they see your attitude towards the company.


The employer may also be looking at your current working environment and staff with a negative outlook tend to enhance an already difficult working environment and actually effect motivation of other staff. If your business needs to be resilient then staff need to be enthusiastic and show willing to want to work for a company in the bad times. If all other factors are equal such as a redundancy score sheet between two people then the member of staff who is all too quick to point out the difficulties and moan at other staff around them would be likely to be at risk of redundancy. advertise a number of jobs for people seeking employment and SME recruitment services for companies looking to recruit.