Temporary Work For All Ages

26th August 2009

The government has launched a new campaign to highlight the need for people of all ages and experiences to look more seriously at working on a temporary contract rather than a permanent basis. The campaign is also set to tackle the issue of how people who are older, can work for longer if they choose to. The government are planning the use of temporary contracts as one of the ways in which people who are 50 years of age and older can find employment more easily with the help of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

The paper the government have just released has some interesting findings, noting “that in a 2004 survey, only 10 per cent of 50-69 year olds would want to work full time after they retire. Temporary and interim posts allow workers to share their experience with the next generation without having to commit to long hours or sometimes the line management responsibilities which would go with full time work,” stated Tom Hadley the Director of External Relations at REC.

"Priorities change through a working life and many older people want to be active grandparents or take longer holidays, for instance. We need a flexible labour market which allows people to keep working on their terms so temporary, interim and contract work has a vital role to play here."

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