Youth hit by growing unemployment figures

2nd November 2009

In this climate of recession and doom and gloom, there is always someone worse off than you may think. This is not to make light of the situation for the many unemployed but there are statistically certain demographics that have been really affected by the current economic crisis.

For example, the youth have been drastically affected, impacting on them as a result there are limited on opportunities to even try to prove themselves because of the highly competitive job markets. Indeed the total number of unemployed people aged between 16 and 24 has reached a massive 946,000 by the end of August 2009 and this is over 38% of all people unemployed in the UK.

Men are significantly more affected too with the number of unemployed in the UK rising steeply to 1.53 million, which is around 62% (of the number of people unemployed) according to statistic from the end of August. The same official figures show that the increase from May to August was 76,000 men unemployed but in the same time the increase was only 12,000 for women. Women are also seeking employment in part time work this figure increased by 79,000 in the same time frame and so may answer the question that women are more open to part time work then men. can help your business if you are looking to recruit cost-effectively and want to pay a low flat fee once you have found your new recruit. Avoid the traditional agency fees!