Stress Awareness At Work For Women

5th December 2009

In the world of executives and big business, women like to feel they have started to level the playing fields however, for women who earn over 40k per annum, they have success at work but do not feel they have the correct work/life balance, due to the stress and pressure.

Every November there is a National Stress at Work awareness day but it seems that the pressure for women is balancing their role in work with their role within their homes, especially those who may be mothers too. In the instances where women have left on maternity and returned to work in the same professional capacity, this can cause undue stress and burden with them constantly feeling ‘torn’ between working and caring for their child.

Having a more flexible approach to a working life for parents of both genders would undoubtedly help relieve some of the pressure felt by parents with young families.

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