Every student and graduate has a Facebook profile

12th January 2010

Facebook is the clear favourite social networking site among students and graduates.

A survey by graduate recruitment website Milkround.com has revealed nearly every student and graduate has a Facebook profile – some 98 percent. This is far ahead of other popular sites such as MySpace (43 percent), Twitter (38 percent) and Bebo (25 percent). When asked which social networking site they used the most, 92 percent of more than 100 students and graduates quizzed said Facebook. The nearest rival was Twitter with seven percent using the short message broadcast service.

Some 18 percent claim to use their profiles for both job recruitment and socialising, two contrasting activities which can be off-putting to recruiters who Facebook applicants and find them tagged in drunken photos. However, just 13 percent said they had an open profile: 86 percent keep their profiles as private as possible or particular elements private. Three percent have two profiles: one for socialising, another for job hunting.

Milkround.com spokesperson Mike Barnard said: “Facebook is the social networking site every student and graduate wants to have a profile on, a far cry from five years ago when it seemed they all wanted a MySpace page. Nothing seems to be challenging Facebook’s social supremacy, however job seekers are switching on to the fact they can’t be active on Facebook and hope recruiters don’t search for them. With 86 percent using the privacy settings to hide elements of their profile, they are ensuring any potential embarrassing or job-threatening social networking is safely hidden from view.”

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