Job satisfaction levels hit all-time low

27th January 2010

The headline figure shows job satisfaction levels have hit an all-time low of +35, down from +48 in Summer 2009, with a large proportion reporting a worsening of their standard of living in the last six months (29%). However, less than one in 10 say their standard of living has improved (9%), compared to 14% last quarter.

Younger workers are particularly unhappy at work, with job satisfaction among 18-24 year-olds falling to just +5 from +44 in Summer 2009, and generally increasing proportionally with older age groups. Those aged 55-64 are the most satisfied at work, with a score of +55, exactly the same level as in Summer 2009.

CIPD lead adviser and co-author of Employee Outlook, Claire McCartney, said: “Even though the economy is no longer flat on its back, the ‘real economy’ as experienced in the day to day lives of workers is crippled. If the economy does ‘officially’ emerge from recession today, employers are going to have to continue to work hard to re-build motivation and commitment among employees bruised by job insecurity, lack of consultation over change, pay freezes or cuts, as well as increases in stress and conflict. Search for marketing jobs.

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