NHS Employee Jailed For Falsifying Job Application

4th July 2010

Rhiannon Mackay, of Plymouth, was recently let go from her career as a Capital Projects Administrator at National Health Service (NHS) and was required to appear before the Plymouth Magistrates Court. In addition to losing her job, she received six months jail time.

Mackay, age 29, lied to get the coveted (NHS) on her CV, claiming to have two B grades when recruited. Instead of her true employer, she let her boyfriend, a chief petty officer in the Royal Navy, forge her reference and a phony Navy discharge certificate.

Beating out numerous qualified candidates in line for the job, and held it for over a year. Eventually upper management became dissatisfied with her job performance and challenged her knowledge. It was at this point that she admitted altering the references and application.

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Mackay confessed to fraudulently altering documents and pleaded guilty. However, by the time the deception was discovered she had made £23,448 salary.

Her lawyer, Jodie Baker said her client suffered from depression as a result from being unemployed. Baker said: “After leaving the Navy she had applied for several jobs, but was unsuccessful.”

The Chartered Institute shows that a quarter of business owners fire someone when they have been caught misrepresenting themselves on the job, although not everyone receives a criminal offence.

Almost one-third of British employees admitted to having falsified their CV. One out of five uses a friend or parent to pose as their reference.

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