Are the British More “Sickie” Than Normal?

2nd August 2010

The latest research shows that UK workers take more false “sickie” days than other European countries, resulting in millions of pounds wasted.

The poll found that the Brits took at least 35 million false sick days off from their jobs last year. This is the equivalent of everyone on the job taking one day off a year.

The survey included up to 8,000 new recruitments, along with long-standing employees from ten countries: Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.

That accounts for one in five of the sick days in the UK, with more than 800 million true sick days taken every year across Europe. However, the greater proportion of British employees (one in four) makes for the 122 million sick days in Europe.

The British men seem to be the largest culprits when it comes to taking sick, or “personal days,” off, in comparison to the women.

When the new recruits, as well as long-term career workers were asked why they took their last day off, half of them cited “it was for a genuine mental or physical illness.” The other half owned up to taking care of family members or to pay bills.

And yes, you guessed it. Days off from the job mainly occurred on Monday and Friday.

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