UK Career Professionals in Between a Rock and a Hard Place

23rd September 2010

Are UK professionals being held in job hostage purgatory? Eight out of 10 feel they are.

According to the latest employment poll, it would not take that much to tempt these workers into changing jobs.

The survey conducted this year included approximately 500 UK employed professionals who were aggressively seeking a different job. Most even said it would not have to be a huge jump in salary; rather, better hours and working conditions would be favourable.

Of the 500 surveyed, 39% were looking for new job roles, 41% wanted to seek new employment and only 17% were too afraid to make the jump. The remaining surveyed did not have jobs or careers in the works.

Many feel taken advantage of, adding that they are expected to wear too many role hats and work for less money.

This is a huge increase of career dissatisfaction and sentiment since the year 2009. Job stability and retention, as well as employees who job-hopped, was rare. People who were lucky enough to retain jobs in the downturn did not look to change employment, even when the chance presented itself.

Considering that 80% of UK workers are hoping for new digs and opportunities, it does not bode well for those hopeful, unfortunate job seekers, which would be happy enough just to have an interview with any of these companies.

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