500,000 Jobs Scratched

1st November 2010

A slip up by Danny Alexander, the Treasury Chief Secretary, revealed that half a million jobs would be cut by the year 2015.

Whilst reading a highly confidential government briefing paper, he was unaware that he was being observed, and eventually photographed. The government’s paper, the Spending Review, indicated that one in ten, 500,000 to be exact, public sector careers would be lost over the course of the next five years.

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will soon give full details of the job cuts. This will result in £83 billion in spending slashes; however, experts warn that even further tax increases may be on the rise if these career cuts are not enough.

According to The Daily Telegraph, ministers have also announced additional welfare cuts of approximately £13 billion.

Additionally, new recruitment reduction, as well as front-line police officers will be slowed. This will result in fewer criminals going to prison.

Transport jobs and projects will be abandoned, although rail fares will rise by almost 10% per year. Furthermore, the Coalition will soon publicly announce the age for retirement will be raised to 66.

Britain’s government did not intend to go forward with this plan for another full decade, but they are convinced that cutting jobs and raising the retirement age will help save billions of pounds.

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