Workers Who Walk off Their Jobs, Fail to Win Public’s Sympathy

1st November 2010

According to the latest quarterly Employee Outlook poll, approximately 75% of the general public believe that a public sector job strike would not only be a disruption, but a slap in the face to those that are unemployed or who have had their careers axed.

The survey also indicates that six in ten, almost 60% believe public sector workers believe they will undoubtedly lose the public’s support if they follow through with strike action.

Furthermore, it suggests that for those fortunate enough to have a career accept and understand the case for public sector recruitment and job cuts.

Almost 65% of respondents agree that times are tough, saying “the deficit needs to be reduced through cuts to public spending.” While about 17% disagree with this statement, there is a significant difference in sectored attitudes. Almost 70% of private sector workers agree, compared to 50% public sector staff.

The main concern seems to be about the damage these job strikes might cause, rather than what the spending cuts may do, in the light of the increased redundancies as well as the recession.

The survey showed that to most of those without jobs, they consider a strike at this time to be arrogant and disrespectful, stating “unions are adept at pursuing only their own agendas, rather than to the interests of the members.”

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