Recruitment Agencies Work Two-Fold

14th January 2011

While the UK continues to face shortages in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, according to the latest reports from top recruitment agencies, the New Year should prove fruitful for determined job seekers.

A top job headhunter says, “In 2011 we will truly witness a recruitment revolution as businesses finally start to grasp how important it is to nurture our candidates, as well as continuing to emotionally understand that the New Year’s career-minded is only anchored by building engaged communities of talent.”

Is 2011 the year where once again career recruitment is seen as a fine art? According to leading recruitment centres, the UK job market is on a radical 2011 roll.

Recruitment agencies are ever evolving. They seem to be approaching 2011 with a determination to uplift employee engagement by understanding and sharing business objectives with each other.

Renewed life and increased growth in the financial sector is just one part of their optimism of job placement for qualified candidates. Many organisations are now willing to pay more for top talent.

In addition, they are negotiating, fighting, even haggling, in some cases for gifted employees to leave their current jobs. It seems they just need a compelling reason to switch.

The recruitment agencies that took part in the report felt that the government’s renewed focus on assisting small companies will help a great deal of interim managers with current recruits as well as fill new jobs.

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