Nestle Cutting Jobs

6th February 2011

According to Money Magazine, the global franchise that specializes in nutrition, Nestle Nutrition, will soon be cutting out approximately 250 jobs. However, this may just be the beginning.

The terminations will start at the Minnesota plant in the states this year, but there is serious talk that other international plants may not survive. In company filed notice with the Department of Employment and Economic Development concerning plant closures and job layoffs.

The St. Louis Park Plant will close by the end of 2012.
In addition, due to E coli tainted cookie dough in the plant in Danville, Virginia, it may continue to be a rough ride for this major corporation.

A DEED spokesperson with KSTP TV reported the first phase will begin June 30, but was unable to comment on future career terminations.

Nestle is the only organisation that directs four major nutritional divisions: weight management, infant, healthcare and performance nutrition.

There are a little over 300 long-term career scientists working for the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne Switzerland, with human health and wellness listed as their top research criteria. No future recruitment is expected to continue until further agendas regarding job layoffs are finalized.

The company employs over 5000 research and development technologists and scientists who strive to advance their healthy agenda.

Moreover, there are offices in a little over 100 countries including the UK and until recently, could boast of more than 20,000 recruited employees.

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