Cameron Vows to Limit Payouts, Grow Economy

16th January 2012

Good news for employees who are feeling under-appreciated and overworked at their jobs. Prime Minister David Cameron is vowing to explore how to limit the large payouts given to corporation executives who are dismissed from their jobs. Cameron told the BBC that a “market failure” had bubbled up because of executive payouts without overall company improvement.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), also cited in the BBC article, reports that chief executives from 87 of the FTSE 100 companies in the United Kingdom earn an average of £5.1 million. This includes not only a standard salary but career incentives such as pension plans and job bonuses.

The backlash against large payouts is troubling and discouraging to many hard-working employees who feel taken advantage of and cheated by dishonest management.

Cameron also recently addressed UK unemployment rates, saying his government was committed to growing the economy and giving residents a chance to build careers.

The hope for local UK companies is that a limit on large-scale payouts and a return to honesty and credibility will keep companies and the economy strong. It also will help fuel efforts to recruit more UK residents into sustainable careers and to pay future employees adequate salaries. offer a range of online recruitment services in the UK.