Why not create a Business Culture like Apple in 10 Easy Steps

12th March 2012

From the time that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first started building computers in Jobs’ garage, Apple Computer has followed one edict – think different. Over the years, the company’s corporate culture has expanded upon that simple concept. Apple’s corporate culture is now one that even non-tech companies strive to emulate.

Top 10 Ways to Build a Business Culture like Apple Computer

1. Think outside the box. In fact, there is no box. It’s more of a three dimensional polygon. What? It doesn’t exist? Build it.
2. Hire a bad cop. Jobs was a notorious taskmaster. His mercurial personality inspired fear, creativity, anger and cult-like devotion – often at the same time.
3. Build a playground. Apple says that its corporate headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., is a campus. In reality, the 850,000-square-foot facility is more like an elementary school playground. It’s planned second campus will consume 50 acres and include a café, auditorium and an employee gym.
4. Stay hungry. Pretend like you’re still a start-up. Embrace late nights, crazy deadlines and unrealistic expectations.
5. Dream big. Don’t limit yourself or your employees.
6. Be flexible. If something doesn’t work, toss it.
7. Develop strong recruitment policies. It’s okay to train new employees, but fix hiring mistakes quickly. If new hires don’t fit into the existing corporate culture, then hire someone who does. Focus recruitment on those at the beginning of their careers.
8. Embrace innovation. Careers change. Stay updated on new technologies and industry standards.
9. Engage in shameless self-promotion. Hire a professional if necessary, but publicise successes and sponsor new product launches.
10. Don’t rest on your laurels. Take time to celebrate success, but then then move on.

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