75% of workers report managers lack leadership

14th May 2012

This article, originally posted on PersonnelToday, interested us this week. We were surprised by such high numbers of people being poorly led as the article below details:

A recent study has shown that 75% of workers, report that their managers lacked leadership ability. This means that they have no compunction to follow their superiors other than the rank that their superiors hold in the business.

If workers cannot trust their managers to be leaders, it is only a matter of time before they attempt to overthrow that leader. This can mean chaos in the workplace and in the political system as a whole.

Managers are actually fighting back in the wake of the statistics. Many managers at top businesses are actually taking the time to communicate with workers more readily so that the lines of communication between manager and employee are open. Along these businesses, the greatest reversal of workers’ opinion was among those managers who took the most time to hear out their grievances of their employees.

What this may say is that many workers may not distrust their leaders in terms of ability, but instead in terms of communication. Workers in many cases only want to be heard, and then problems seem to be dealt with and instantly go away.

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