Interview Mentality – Top Tips

25th April 2013

You should be approaching every job interview with the aim to receive a job offer at the end of it, taking the decision process into your own hands can go a long way to improving your confidence and performance.

Positive energy attracts positive appraisal, people are naturally attracted to a can-do attitude and optimism. Displaying enthusiasm about the vacancy affirms your interviewer that you are interested and ready to contribute from day one.

Successful companies set strong goals to achieve and following these is how they grow. As a jobseeker, you should apply the same mentality to yourself; show your interviewer that you have strong ideals and ambitions. Be specific and talk them through the process, show them that you’re somebody who understands and achieves their aims.

Professionalism aside, being approachable and likable can be the deciding factor in your hiring. Interviewers will be looking at whether you can fit into an already established team, so displaying an amiable personality can go leaps and bounds.

Honesty, authenticity and strength are three of your best qualities in an interview. Showing the hiring manager that you’re a hard-working person who isn’t afraid to admit their faults and work on them is exactly what successful companies are looking for.

Asking the right questions can be your final weapon at the end of the interview. Don’t be sceptical or curious, display intelligence and forward-thinking in your queries that show your investment in driving the company forward.

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