Leaving an Impression the Modern Way

28th May 2013

Dale Carnegie’s 1936 book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ was a contemporary success in public relations and continues to be so today. Common sense should be the prime factor in controlling how we treat those around us, which is true for the below ways on how to leave a lasting impression on strangers, colleagues and friends alike:

A compliment can turn an awful day into a brilliant one for the right recipient. Making genuine compliments out of courtesy will help to improve the day of anybody lucky enough to receive one.

Appreciation and thanks should be given out like they’re going out of fashion. For those around who do something for you, it’s the least you can offer in return. Hearty thanks are an incredible driver for motivation and commitment, in both professional and personal relationships.

Keeping your word is important in the modern age; it always has been. Always follow through on promises and do what you say you will: there will undoubtedly be people relying on you to perform on your commitment.

A smile from a stranger is a surprising moment in the modern world and we rarely forget it. It’s an easy way to pass your happiness and generosity onto people you do or don’t know.

The internet and telephone have made the world a closer place, but have also contributed to an impersonal aspect. Do you know the name of the waiter who served you lunch? Do you know the name of the delivery man who refills your water fountain every week? Using people’s names making you stick in their mind as a genuine and nice person, is a powerful tool in leaving an impression.

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