Advice for Employed Job Hunters

30th July 2013

We came across an interesting article from Mashable recently, which explored some of the tips to help the employed job hunters increase their chances. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Recently conducted research has shown that almost three quarters of all employees have admitted to being comfortable searching for a job whilst they are already employed. Many of the respondents also said that they are actively searching for jobs whilst they are at their place of work in their current job – with those in the age bracket of 18 to 24 most likely to do so. For those who risk job-hunting whilst they’re at work, here are some tips for better practice.

Consider Internal Hiring
It may be that you can find another role in the same company, so search for openings within your current employment – many managers like to hire from within before they look externally.

Keep Quiet
Try not to broadcast your job seeking: even a trusted co-worker could accidentally let slip.

Be Internet Aware
If you’re job seeking at work, be careful with what you leave on your computer. Ensure that you’re not leaving traces of your job search behind in web history or in your social media updates.

Recruitment Assistance
To keep things discreet, your best bet may be in partnering with a recruitment agency. Recruiters are able to canvas for you without risk of identity exposure and can do the leg work so you don’t have to risk getting caught whilst you’re in the office. are leaders in online recruitment in the UK.