Want-away Top Performers

20th August 2013

We came across an interesting article from the LinkedIn blog recently, which looks at the possibility of top performers leaving a company and what can pull them away. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

A recent study has revealed that only 12% (of 8500 candidates) are ‘extremely satisfied’ with where they work. With this in mind – are your top performers thinking about leaving? Recruiters have developed strategies over the years to tempt away workers who would never think of looking for a new job on their own.

Negotiating satisfaction, rather than compensation, is one of the most effective weapons in the recruiter’s arsenal. Taking this more holistic approach has resulted in positive responses from 85% of people who categorise themselves as “absolutely not” job-seeking and are “highly satisfied.”

Employees have been split into categories based on job satisfaction and activity – ranging from Super Passive employees who would only accept “outstanding career moves” to the Hunters & Posters who would accept most reasonable offers.

Job-seekers who are actively looking for an employment shift would do well to research the opportunity before opening into negotiations. Filtering to salary and benefits is a mindless exercise if the offer isn’t beneficial to your career – whereas if it is the dream opportunity, then you’ll adjust your requirements to suit.

Whilst the vast majority of candidates will be open to exploring their career options with a recruiter, regardless of whether they want a new job – care has to be taken not to rush through the steps. Short-term statistics and preferences don’t lend themselves to a long-term career negotiation.

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