Snap Happy: Snapchat and Recruitment

25th March 2014

With so many new apps being added to an already huge catalogue, we are always looking at how any new advancement can be used in the world of recruitment. To this end, there is a new app that is taking the personal social media world by storm. Here we look at how Snapchat could help employers and candidates alike…

What is Snapchat?
Snapchat is a picture and video messaging application which has the unique selling point of only letting videos and pictures be seen for a certain number of seconds. Users set a time period from one to ten seconds after which the image or video sent is no longer viewable or retrievable. Images and videos can be seen by anyone in your phone book or friend list and it has over 30 million active users every month equating to a gargantuan 400 million ‘snaps’ sent every day.

How Can Snapchat Help Recruitment?
With today’s fast-paced world of technological immediacy, Snapchat offers users the ability to take small snippets of everyday life and showcase them in clips up to ten seconds long. Posting job advertisements with links to where to apply online is a quick and fun way to get your vacant position seen; also posting pictures of the office environment is a great way of helping people visualise themselves working for your company.

Another exciting opportunity for candidates involves challenging them to pitch themselves for the job within the allotted time limit. Recruitment agencies are attracted to snappy (pun completely intended!) to-the-point resumes and this takes that idea to the extreme testing candidates’ skills of communication and inviting them to advertise their potential through a truly contemporary medium.

Are There Any Downsides?
There are many innovative ways of getting yourself noticed in the world of recruitment and, although Snapchat offers an attention-grabbing aspect, the average age range of users is relatively young which may make it beneficial only for junior positions. Of course, Snapchat’s entire theme is based on the pictures only being available for a short amount of time so it could also lead to confusion when remembering certain details of the image or video. Having said that, any new technology able to transcend its initial purpose and help recruiters find the best person for the job is worth investing time in.

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