What Workers Want: The Most In-Demand Employers

26th October 2015

LinkedIn as the biggest professional social network with millions upon millions of members has a colossal pool of data it can mine. Their stats are always insightful and their most recent release is no exception. Read on for the most in-demand employers as per LinkedIn’s findings.

No Surprise at The Top

I don’t think we’ve ever reported Google not to be at the top of the table whenever these such lists are released! And they are – still – the most in-demand employer. In second place was Apple, in third Facebook and in fourth Microsoft. All these companies operate within the technology sector making this industry perhaps the most desirable in the world.

The Rest of The List

The rest of the list runs as follows; in fifth place was Nike, in sixth place The Walt Disney Company, in seventh TESLR, in eighth Procter & Gamble, in ninth Starbucks and tenth just making it into the top ten is oil mogul Shell. The range of industries is small, there’s a lot of technology firms as mentioned above, with sports, retail, automotive, entertainment, food and oil also making it into the coveted top ten.

Size Matters

Although it’s hard to class any of the top 100 as an SME, there is a big difference in the size of the companies that made it on the list! The smallest company is Dropbox and the largest is IBM – both have hugely different resources and numbers of staff.

Where Do These Company Source Hires?

When it comes to hiring, the findings are in contrast to a lot of recruitment posts we read. The majority of hires come from Universities – it seems large companies source their talent from graduate fairs and such. However recent trends seem to favour apprentice schemes as a popular hiring method for a lot of companies over here in the UK for smaller firms.

The Most Represented Industries

We’ve seen the top ten dominated by the technology industry with a small representation from elsewhere. When looking at the top 100, the highest represented industries are listed as:

– Technology

– Media and Entertainment

– Retail and Consumer Products

– Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

– Oil and Energy

As an online recruitment agency we’re massive fans of tech and so delighted to see so many tech firms making this list. Let’s see if Google can hang on for yet another year!

"Google... the most in-demand employer."