10 Top Tips on Recruitment for Modest Businesses

We came across an interesting article from Keep Me Posted recently, which looked at ten tips on how a small-scale company can improve the way in which they recruit and ensure that they select the most appropriate candidates. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

#1 – Perspective
Many people believe that you should not employ those who see the world differently from your way of thinking; but this is essential for your business. Due to the fact that your company is small each and every employee should bring a unique skill set to the team.

#2 – Attitude
It’s not crucial that a candidate possess particular skills: if the candidate has the correct attitude they can be taught a skill. Always look for an enthusiastic or positive attitude within the individual instead of skills that you can utilise.

#3 – Challenge “Normal”
When you’re recruiting you have two options: to employ an individual that will follow the rules, or someone who will challenge what you consider to be “normal” in order to improve the rules and procedures that your company uses. A timid or subservient employee will contribute little towards the growth of your business.

#4 – Be Patient
Do not hire an individual that you believe to possess faults or questionable habits; by waiting you could eventually recruit the perfect individual.

#5 – Personality
It’s likely that you will be spending a lot of time with this employee, so ensure that you select somebody with a sense of humour to avoid a dull unproductive working atmosphere.

#6 – Requirements
Before selecting a candidate assess your team and identify which skills or strengths are missing. Try to fill these gaps through the latest addition to your business.

#7 – Trial Period
Once you’ve chosen the individual that you would like to become a part of your business it’s recommended that you place this person on a trial period. Some of the best references are given to those candidates that employers wish to be rid of hastily.

#8 – Stocking Up
Maintaining your own business is a steep learning curve and it’s common for us to make mistakes. To prevent these mistakes from occurring you should keep a number of potential employees at hand on the off chance that you need assistance. If you do not wish to oversee this task personally you should keep an eye on your recruitment team and how well they maintain the interest of potential employees.

#9 – Diversity
Ensure that you’re casting your metaphorical recruitment net far enough to reach the best candidates for your business. Have a word with your PR team if you’re having doubts.

#10 – Listen
A lot of interviewers will not listen to candidates properly due to the fact that the interviewer talks too much. Focus on information regarding the candidate’s past and background information concerning their home life and previous careers.

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