14% of graduates work over 50 hours a week

Graduate Prospects reports that graduates are struggling to get ahead in a difficult job market. Jobs are hard to come by these days. The annual Real Prospects study 22,000 graduate students that are both employed and self-employed. This study surveyed graduates across work sectors, and asked them how they think universities could better help them prepare for the real world, or the transition from education to employment. The research that was conducted shows that at least one in seven graduates are working over 50 hours a week. For those living in London, this number rises to 18%.

At least 45% of graduates feel pressured to work more than their contracted hours, either because they want to prove themselves, it’s a normal thing to do or they simply feel the need to keep on top of their work. Also, a drop in job security confidence has occurred, coming in at 60% who feel secure in their positions. Although Generation Y has been described as the “lazy” generation, many graduates are eager to start their careers and get to work. Job recruitment is scarcer than usual, causing graduates to work harder than usual to get jobs – and maintain them. However, only half of all graduates are satisfied with what they earn.

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