It's a - about time!

22nd September 2006

If you have not yet encountered then you should visit the site.  An amalgamation of the traditional recruitment systems, is an innovative service that is of great financial benefit to companies who cannot afford or do not want to pay traditional agency fees. Companies are able to source candidates either by advertising on the job board or by searching a database. also offers a free service Peace of mind TM enabling you to question, skills test and personality profile prosepective employees.

Naturally you will want to interview candidates, and to do this you simply hit one button. If you do not find a suitable candidate then you do not pay a penny, and if you successfully find a candidate you will pay an average fee of just £400.
Co-Founder Anna Taylor comments: The business model competes with just about all other recruitment facilities. Companies no longer need to pay high agency fees or spend money on conventional job boards in advance of filling their position. Both Jamie, my co founder, and I believe that is the most cost effective approach in the recruitment industry. This point is also echoed by the companies that we speak to daily who are amazed that this business model has not been developed sooner.  With and ever growing candidate database and 10 placements made within the first month it is not surprising that is creating a real buzz.

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