Revolutionary Steps

12th September 2006
Radical recruitment agency already has 2,000 on board


The launch of a radical Recruitment agency gathers pace at B2B Thames valley this month. the auk’s first fully functional online recruitment agency, will be exhibiting at the regions leading even for growing businesses.  Based in Maidenhead, the recently formed company aims to abolish high recruitment agency fees so more money from the client can be directed towards the candidates. It  was devised by recent graduates Jamie Mistlin, 27 and Anna Taylor 24, after their poor experience of recruitment agencies and following market research carried out by the couple.  They found 95 per cent of graduates resent the profits recruitment agencies make out of them, while 90 per cent of graduates feel that agents do not act in the employee’s best interest and 80 per cent of graduates are rarely happy with the service provided by their recruitment consultant.

Mr Mistlin Said: “When I temped I was startled at the discrepancy between my hourly earnings and what the company was actually paying for my services.  “It seemed obvious to reduce the middle man fee, allowing the client to pay less, with the candidate also benefiting. Frustrated by the narrow minded approach of agencies, Anna and I felt companies and clients needed a more transparent platform on which to communicate directly without a greedy and interfering consultant.”
Within a week of Mr Mistlin completing his degree, the duo started to write a 250 page business plan which took five months to complete.

On the strength of the plan, they successfully raised the £250,000 start up capital to fund the innovative business model through selling a share holding to a private investor. Within a month of the unofficial launch it has already attracted 2,000 candidates.  Bron Ellis, marketing director of B2B portfolio events is excited about Recruitment Revolution attendance at the show.  He said: “one of the core themes of our exhibitions is innovation and this company has it in abundance and we are sure it will be a great success.”  He added: “Exhibitions such as B2B Thames Valley are great way to showcase a new business or product as there will be literally thousands of potential customers, partners and suppliers all under one roof and all thinking about business.”  The B2B Thames Valley event takes place from September 26 to 27 at Windsor Racecourse.  For more details on B2B Thames Valley event takes place from September 26 to 27 at Windsor Racecourse.

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