Cameron Hires Vorderman to Solve Britain's Maths Problem

8th February 2009
It has been announced via web cam that David Cameron, leader of the opposition has recruited Carol Vorderman to his Maths task force in an attempt to improve the overall level of mathematic understanding in the country.  Although she has never taught Maths in school, Carol was an English teacher before her career in television took off, but after 26 years on Countdown she has declined the 90% salary reduction offered to her and taken up a job with David Cameron, sorting out the nation’s fear of Maths.

Juliet Upton a Maths teacher at King Edwards VI School, Bury St Edmunds believes that Cameron has taken the wrong approach by berating Maths teachers: “Does he have any idea how hard it is to recruit Maths teachers these days?”. It is already a real issue finding people to fill the position of Maths teacher despite the golden hello and bursaries.  Utilising low cost recruitment services is a great way to fill a position.