Government Announces A Bursary To Businesses Prepared To Retrain Unemployed

8th February 2009

Last month, the government announced plans to recompense employers who would be prepared to hire and retrain workers unemployed for over six months, with a £2,500 pound bursary.  This is an attempt to encourage recruitment throughout the UK and to relieve the sense of desperation for the unemployed in the UK. The total now stands at 1.8 million people unemployed and looking for jobs.  The incentive is to encourage those who find their area of experience within a work place becoming less valued and marketable within the employment area.  People are advised to use agencies to assist in the process of finding their ideal employer or employee but re-skilling can sometimes be the best way forward for a career.  Employers can also think about using a one off payment recruitment agency without feeling the pinch if there are given a bursary to employ the new recruit.  There is £500 million available to invest in people unemployed for six months or more, for retraining and advice over the next two years according to the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills. 

There are still larger companies such as Dell and Marks and Spencer being hit by the credit crunch and announcing job losses, but Work and Pensions Minister, James Purnell, stresses the fact that there are still over 500 thousand jobs available and that “the longer a person is out of work the harder we will work for them.”