Small Businesses Could Be Just The Thing To Tackle The Recession

8th February 2009
The Federation of Small Businesses has introduced their own ideas for tackling the levels of unemployment in the UK.  Their blueprint includes the creation of 400,000 jobs by encouraging apprenticeships and promoting part time work.  It also includes a move to encourage small businesses to bid for larger public contacts.  The chairman of the federation, John Wright, gave a statement insisting that the government should support small businesses during this difficult financial crisis by helping them to train and invest in recruitment so that their business is growing more competitive as the larger companies downsize. 

The smaller businesses could certainly be the key to pulling the UK out of the current recession if they are developed and encouraged to build upon their successes with training and growth.  Small business recruitment has changed over the last twenty years, but using recruitment services could be the answer to finding the most qualified recruit during the financial crisis.  The credit crunch has overall affected the business and job market in a very damaging way but surely the few areas in which growth is able to happen businesses should be nurtured and encouraged.