The Biggest Difference Between America And The UK Is Teeth!

8th February 2009
Like so many before him, Ricky Gervais has conquered the American Audience, however, with his latest film ‘Ghost Town’,  several members of the press quizzed him about the horrible false teeth he was wearing (for comic purposes, of course!), though it turned out that Ricky wasn’t wearing any.  Gervais is one of the few of celebrities not to develop an all American smile whilst improving their profile abroad, as several UK artists and celebrities have made major changes in their mouth to be accepted including Ronan Keating, Kate Beckinsale and Simon Cowell.

Does this mean Dentistry in the UK is behind the times?  The industry is worth around £5 Billion and is predicted to rise to over £15 Billion within the next 10 years with the increase in cosmetic dentistry.  Using an online recruitment agency could help you find an ideal job in the market place. Although NHS Dentists are in rather short supply, the actual number of dentists registered with the General Dental Council has increased significantly from around 31,000 to over 35,000 and is one of the few areas of industry set to increase even in the credit crunch.  Any person looking for alternative employment in the current job market, would do well to think about Dentistry and the associated professions.