The Economic Crisis Diminishes Job Opportunities Within The Investment Banking Sector

8th February 2009
Throughout the UK and the world many financial markets are struggling and all investments seem to be uncertain, but what about students who have gambled a future in investment banking or the financial sector in general?

A recent opinion survey taken by students showed some interesting results.  The 2000 students that responded were from all Europe, but focusing on the UK based results, nearly 35% of students from the UK believed they would earn over 100K per annum within 5 years of graduation and only 20% thought their earning would be less than 45K.  This is slightly optimistic as actual graduate jobs within the field get at least 35 applicants for every 1 job available according to one capped fee recruitment agency. 

The survey questioned them regarding the financial crisis and nearly 60% agreed that the current crisis has made them think again about their career choice, but around 71% admitted that money was the main attraction.  Only 34% expected to be made redundant at some point during the whole of their career in investment banking which seems to look less likely as the credit crunch deepens.

Should we be giving students more of a realistic perspective on careers before they make the decision to commit themselves to a career within an ailing sector?  Although this financial crisis has a global grip and all types of lending and investments have seriously slowed, the crisis will undoubtedly end at some point and with it the job market will increase within the financial sector, yet this does not help students who are soon to graduate as the job market is incredibly tough at the moment.