Green Collar Jobs - The latest fashion trend?

9th March 2009

For anyone following the last presidential campaign and heard the radical promises of the new President they will have heard the phrase Green collar jobs but what exactly does this mean to the general public who are struggling during a recession to find any job at all. Green collar jobs are described as eco jobs that will have a benefit to the planet rather than a negative one. With everyone talking about carbon footprints and lowering energy use, how can what job you have make a difference?


There has been an increase in Green Collar recruitment agencies compared to conventional small business recruitment. President Obama has promised to create 5 million green collar jobs but will his definition of a green collar job be the same as friends of the earth or any of the other eco friendly campaigning groups?


"The potential for job creation is vastly underestimated," says Dave Timms, economics campaigner for Friends of the Earth. "[Our] government needs to get stuck in and create a low-carbon economy through regulation, not leave it to market forces." But as many economists have said until eco-friendly makes a sustainable income most business will opt for blue collar over green.