Are You Looking For The Redundancy Signs?

17th April 2009

In today’s economic crisis it is very hard to be sure of anything when it comes to your job security or financial security but in a recent survey conducted by the number of people who believe their job is under threat in the next 12 months is nearly 30%. This is an incredibly high amount of people in the working population who believe their jobs aren’t safe and may be at risk within the next twelve months.

To help people not worry unnecessarily and to try and feel slightly more secure in their job role we have compiled a list of items to look out for as signs of possible trouble ahead:
1. Large number of teams/people being reorganised
2. The boss gives you a there may be trouble ahead speech
3. You hear rumours about potential redundancies
4. Expected promotions do not go ahead or annual pay rises do not happen
5. The Christmas party or company outing is cancelled
6. Extreme micro management and criticism
7. Several company work meetings that you are not included in
8. Your expense account/company car allowance gets cut
9. You are asked if you would be prepared to take a pay cut
10. No more recruitment of new staff

Even with low cost recruitment fees being offered from innovative recruitment agencies,  no new staff being hired could be a sign that the company you are working for is decreasing in size. This is a big sign of trouble ahead, so start looking at your positions and update your CV straight away.