Interviewing Your Prospective Employee: Does It Have To Be A Grilling?

24th April 2009

The interview process is both nerve racking and challenging for a job hunter but does it have to be such a challenging time for the interviewers and the prospective employer?  Using a  small business recruitment service can get you considerably far in the process, such as sifting through CVs and short listing suitable clients. However you still may choose to conduct an interview day and most employers actually feel bored and harassed during this process.  So what can you do to make the day go without any hitches?


Timing is the key to a successful interview day, especially if you have several applicants to assess.  Keeping to the allotted time slots is essential to ensuring a fair chance to all applicants and to yourself.  Always let people know if you are running late and plan the timing of the day before you make any work arrangements.  Allow some time for consideration after the initial interview and keep notes for each person that applies.


Make sure you have all paperwork, stationary and notes available to you in the interview room because leaving the room may be seen as unprofessional.  This is the same for any phone calls or general interruptions; if the candidate is giving you their undivided attention, then give yours back.


Do not ask too many personal questions, even if the interviewee volunteers it. You should not hire anyone based upon personal bias and being impartial when dealing with the personal information may mean that more than just one interviewer is required to give a more impartial choice.


Having more than one interviewer is probably a good idea, then you can take it in turns to do the notes on the applicants - it can be an intense and draining day.

 The most important thing to remember is the candidate is already fairly stressed and trying to see how they cope under the spotlight is not going to help them show you the best aspects of their working ability.  Devising a test will be better proof of their abilities, rather than giving them a grilling.