Recruitment "Open Day" Shut As Crowds Unsafe At Theme Park

17th April 2009

The Leicestershire based theme park, Twycross Zoo, held its annual recruitment open day for 150 positions available for seasonal work at the park.  Over 3000 applicants arrived to fill the positions.  The abnormally high number of applicants is down to the recession and the amount of unemployed people seeking employment.  The included former company directors and lawyers!



Other theme parks also recruit in a similar way but have cancelled their open days, as they fear the number of applicants will also get to an unmanageable number.  Twinlakes, a theme park located near Melton Mowbray has requested any applicant to apply online to their 50 available positions. Sandy Gyovari from Twinlakes said, "we will be advertising for applicants and then ringing round the most suitable who will be invited to interview, and this way we hope to have a more manageable number." [at our open days].


The nature of recruitment has changed in the economic downturn and the theme parks have realised that using a  low cost recruitment agency, would help to take the difficulty out of finding the best and most experienced people for the job.