Irish Recession At New High But Carbon Footprint Getting Low

11th May 2009

The rate of unemployment in the Irish Republic rose to the highest since 1996 and at 11%, the official number for February 2009 it shows just how badly the recession has hit Ireland. The Irish Government has planned to unveil an emergency budget to try and tackle this recession.


The 370,000 unemployed on jobseekers allowance are getting desperate for signs of hope and with the figure almost 90% higher than this time last year it is easy to see why. There have been many protests by the public condemning how the crisis has been handled and the Irish Prime Minister has been keen to show that the rate at which unemployment is rising has decreased and there are some signs of the situation easing. There is not much signs of small business recruitment getting their economy going at this stage but if the government plans work the electricity board will be the first of many more positive announcements.


Irelands Electricity Board have announced plans to employ 3,700 energy based jobs in the next five years and the ESB have pledged to take on 800 apprentices and will be investing in external jobs in the wind farm and electric car charger field to also help develop new green technology. Energy Minister Eamon Ryan said: "Today we are stimulating the economy, shortening the dole queues and helping the environment at the same time."


The Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said: "This is a major step in advancing the government's commitment to building Ireland's smart economy." He added: "The announcement shows that we are delivering on that vision and providing new and sustainable jobs for current and future generations."