Need A Psychometric Test: Make Sure You Can Trust The Results

11th May 2009

If you have used a professional one off payment recruitment company, which has found you eligible candidates for the job you are recruiting for, the next step is to interview.

 Employers need to ensure they are hiring people they can trust, who will fit in with the workplace environment and help with team morale. So how can you hire on face value?  Should you assume that experience of any job means wisdom and that the person has certain traits needed for the specific job role?  For example, in the care profession, a certain amount of empathy and understanding would be good, mixed with a problem solving ability. However, in a surgical environment, coping under extreme pressure and being a rational person would be highly valuable.

This is where employers use psychometric testing to determine certain characteristics that you want to evaluate when looking at hiring.  There are many test facilities which claim to help you evaluate your potential staff but can you really trust a test?

This area of expertise has a regulatory board, who have now established a register of people who can offer a psychometric test to a high and qualified standard through the BPS.  The British Psychological Society offer training courses to ensure the person monitoring and evaluating the test can give accurate and trustworthy results.  So when thinking about finding someone to evaluate your potential employees, please check your facilitators are registered.