Recession Affecting Job Hunting For All

11th May 2009
Many people reporting on the recession so far have commented on the fact that all tiers of social class are being affected by the recession, with job cuts from all backgrounds.  Managing directors in the wrong industry sectors have found themselves out of work and in an unfamiliar environment. Couple that with banks unwillingness to fund any attempt at new endeavours because of the inherent risk associated and you can see why the unemployed numbers are growing.  It is however, the younger people who are suffering during the current crisis, with companies able to employ older and more experienced people who are also looking for work on a mass scale. This leaves the young, inexperienced job seeker finding the door firmly slammed in their faces.


Even using the very best online recruitment agency may not help all of those candidates in the current job market, with no experience and no education.  The 18-24 age range is claiming the highest amount of job seekers allowance, with around one in five or six, in some parts of Southern Wales but the trend worryingly continues throughout the UK.  The overall amount of claimants in under 25’s is 7.8 % compared to 2.5% 0f 55-59 year olds and as many have forecast, it is the young working class who are suffering the most during this recession.  Even with the promotion of apprenticeships, it seems that the under 25’s are losing the battle for the jobs.