Union Set To Protest Over Olympic Employment

11th May 2009
The planning of the Olympic Games and use of tax payers money has caused controversy but during these difficult financial times, there have been many people who have been offended that builders should be recruiting from within local areas of the UK. Many local residents believe that tradesmen should have looked to the local community, who are full of unemployed people desperate for work. 
  The GMB Union is backing this feeling, with a demonstration for “Well-Paid Good Jobs” for the local people of Stratford.  Tom Kelly from GMB said that the local communities should be benefitted, as promised by the ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) to support the local community. Only one quarter of the current employees live locally and only half live within London itself.
  "Local people are given priority in accessing training and jobs onsite, through local job brokerage services in the local area," the ODA spokesman said. "There are high levels of direct employment on the site and an agreement with construction unions includes recognition of national working rule agreements, training and local employment."
  The development itself has the potential to employee as many as 30,000 people by the time it opens in 2012, but has the government really kept their promise, to benefit local communities by employing people from all over the country?
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