UK Job Losses Is Most In Europe

1st June 2009

The total number of jobs lost over the first three months throughout Europe is 219,290 with the UK announcing over 63,000 of them, according to the EERM (Eurofound European Restructuring Monitor). The report, surveying the first quarter of 2009, found that the UK had suffered the largest amount of job cuts but that there were other countries also suffering badly through this global recession.


Poland (38,975), France (11,779) and Germany (17,461) also have significant job losses, as the recession and economic crisis takes hold throughout Europe. Eurofound have also predicted that the recession is worsening and deepening, which contradicts the UK Governments ideas that the economy should show the first signs of recovery by this time next year. "Growth forecasts continue to be revised downwards, while predictions regarding the inflection point marking a potential recovery of the global economy are increasingly being moved back to 2010, in some cases later," it added.


Although not all the news that Eurofound reported was negative as there have been 89,625 announced job gains which will boost all SME recruitment in the retail, energy, hotel, and food sectors which appear to be thriving in these gloomy conditions.