Unions Warn The UK Government Against Job Cuts

1st June 2009

Chancellor Alistair Darling will be on an efficiency drive within the public sector, hoping to trim £15 billion off public sectors within the next four years. However, the unions have strongly warned against shedding jobs that will inevitably only lead to privatisation and inefficiency.


A spokesperson for the Public and Commercial Services Union has said that in the next five years as many as 4,000 jobs will go in the Land Registry services alone. “As well as reducing head counts, there will be more outsourcing – or privatisation,” which, they fear, will lead to massive inefficiency and inconsistency for the public sector. There are rumours this will include the financial and HR sectors as well. The recruitment system that the public sector use has already begun it’s review.


The TUC policy officer said: “My concern is that efficiency savings will mean job cuts in the back-office functions. Tax services, collection and benefits are important in a recession, so they should not be undermined.”