5,000 Jobs Created in South Bank Region of Humber

19th July 2009

A massive redevelopment project has been unveiled to enhance the South Bank area of Humber in a 1,500 acres project. There will be 5,000 jobs created for the region, as they build huge transport depots, warehouses and offices for a business park. The project itself will be over seen by Able UK, but all of the jobs created from this development will be offered through the local authority of North Lincolnshire Council. There will be several methods for recruitment used to ensure the best applicants are available to ensure the success of the project.

There are plans to develop the transport links to the region, to include from Immingham and the Humber Sea Terminal, which Able UK believes is the key to rejuvenating the area. "We have demonstrated our confidence in the potential of the South Humber through our £50m investment in the existing south Able Humber Ports Facility," a spokesperson from Able UK commented.

"We expect to invest a further £100m into the development of the north facility and the overall investment coming into the area is likely to be in the region of £1.5bn, with around 5,000 jobs created by the time the project is completed in 2020."

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