Scotland's Newly Qualified Teachers Face An Uncertain Future.

19th July 2009

There has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of newly qualified teachers in Scotland finding permanent contract positions when compared with the same period last year. The figures of a recent poll generated by the General Teaching Council of Scotland, have shown that two thirds of teachers who qualified last year have been unable to find full time permanent positions and the number that have, has fallen by over 12%.

"This is continued evidence of the fact that teaching posts occur throughout the year and if every new teacher obtained a post in August, we would now be facing a teacher shortage," stated Scotland’s School Minister Keith Brown, who recognizes the perceived decrease as temporary and remains optimistic that the figures over the year will show a more realistic view. It is the case that teaching jobs will change hands throughout the school term and the recruitment of new staff does not always coincide with the start of term time.

The General Secretary of School Leaders in Scotland, Ken Cunningham believes these figure represent "the worrying trend of unemployment among usually very good, very well trained, newly-qualified teachers". is often the first name businesses think of when they are looking for Low Cost Graduate Recruitment especially considering the low, fixed price charged for the service.