Recruitment through the Recession

26th August 2009

Many companies are in fact still recruiting during this recession despite talk of economic downturn and job cuts dominating mass media broadcasts. However, it is the way in which firms are recruiting that has changed, as many businesses are literally flooded with vast responses to a job opportunity that they may advertise. Businesses, who are recruiting, are looking to get the most for their money and help their company survive through these times and therefore initially should take a look at the skill base they already have. Ensuring they are utilising their existing workforce properly, by seeing the skill set their employees have and then if it can’t be satisfied internally pursuing externally, for the skills required to make the company more successful.

Most skilled workers with specific talents, need not worry so much about finding a job because a lot of companies are now re arranging internally and hiring the specific job role and skill that they require. With the amount of workers unemployed though, it is usually for the best price for the company. Firms are enjoying the choice out there, with many skilled professionals, who are eager to start work again after periods of redundancy, take a salary cut and work for less then what they would have considered 12 months ago.

Companies can now have very specific criteria for their job roles but with hundreds and even thousands of potential applicants applying, this is when using a flat fee recruitment service can really give you the best shortlist of applicants for your vacancy and save you time and money looking.