A Change In Working Conditions?

6th September 2009

There has been a massive increase in people who have given up on the 9-5 job and are getting employment via the internet, which bypasses the need for the job centre altogether.

This is not new to the employment market as online recruitment has been a very successful way of finding employment for many years now but with websites like Ecademy and Freelancer becoming increasing popular the unemployed masses are getting employment for themselves. They are doing this by taking the leap into self employment by marketing their skills, rather than looking for a specific job role and working as a contractor.

This is the most flexible and family friendly way to work and allows both parents a better chance at having a career and earning more money in the long term and will also help the quality of life for the family as a whole. Although some work may not be as secure as a full time job. This may just be a reflection of the times, on how the working family appreciate the more flexible working environment.