Am I Really Self Employed?

6th September 2009

There are many things the government are trying to tackle at the moment but one of the things that are high on the list, are how to stop people claiming to be self employed, when in fact they aren’t. Alistair Darling, Chancellor for the government, see businesses avoiding tax because they allow their ‘employees’ to be treated as self employed rather than an employee of the company. If a company is having a business relationship with someone then they will be offering them regular, on going work and have regular contact, but encouraging your ‘staff’ to be ‘self employed’ for the avoidance of tax purposes will be clamped down on. It is suspected that the labour only sub-contractors would be the main target for this new initiative but with the expansion of the ‘self employed’ internet worker, this may become a bigger problem in the future. Anyone caught in this situation will be subject to a large fine as well as a recalculation of the tax they owe to the government. are an innovative low cost recruitment agency based in the UK.