Should Problems Be Solved Via Email Or Face To Face?

6th September 2009

It seems the new way to have a good old moan about whatever the latest gossip or problems are within a company, is via email and instant messenger, rather than the traditional huddle around the water cooler. With the obvious temptations to simply chat, rather than sending email or instant messages, why is it that so many bosses allow the use of emails and messages during work hours? In an anonymous survey conducted amongst a medium sized company, 74% of basic staff found it very easy to raise a complaint or problem with a manager via email, but 64% found it was ineffective at actually sorting out the problems. Whereas, only 18% of managers like problem solving via email where 63% thought that a face to face disciplinary or chat was much more effective at sorting out any issues, head on, within the workplace. A face to face meeting can be a bit more daunting for some staff, especially if it is within a team, rather than a one to one, but speaking up and clearing the air usually helps overcome any on-going problems. If you’re just having a bad day and need a good moan, then an email is a great way to temporarily let off steam. If you are looking at switching jobs or changing your place of employment then why not look to the online recruitment specialists,