The CIPD Welcome Move To Address Discrepancy In Figures

6th September 2009

"This is a necessary and welcome move, which we called for ourselves after last month's official jobs figures. Given the timing of the DWP's announcement, we can only assume the Government is expecting the disparity between the two measures to show up again,” stated John Philpott, Chief Economist and Director of Public Policy at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. Mr Philpott is referring to the huge difference between the figures for the number of people unemployed and the number claiming JSA. There are two possibilities according to Mr Philpott, the first is that the JSA figure shows the job market is healthier than first thought and people are managing to retain work in a different form or that the JSA figure should not be trusted and should not be used as an indicator when projecting the length of the current economic downturn. The official CIPD view is that the ILO/LFS jobless measure is the one that is correct and more of a measure in real terms of unemployment. It will be very interesting to hear the official outcome into the discrepancies between these two figures. Finding yourself out of work during this economic downturn is a difficult and harrowing thing but looking for temporary or contract based work could help keep you afloat until you find more permanent solutions to your job problems. Take at look at our fixed price recruitment and see if can get your business, the temporary vacancy you need filled.