Wales Create New jobs For Young People

6th September 2009

Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary has announced a £1bn investment into a Future Job Fund, meaning that 2,000 jobs will be created, with six month contracts. They will be tackling unemployment hot spots in ten areas from all over Wales, and looking to help over 150,000 youths find work. The First Minister of Wales, Rhodri Morgan said that the scheme was to tackle the long term unemployed youth, through re-skilling, training and motivation. The types of jobs will include environmental management, hospitality and recycling. The funding has come from the government and as Mr Morgan said "These are additional jobs that would not have happened without the Future Jobs Fund.” Mr Morgan realises the importance of helping the young and long term unemployed as "These are the kind of jobs that are really vital because we know if young people between the ages of 18 and 24 fall out of work they are scarred for life." Young people do have an altogether difficult time competing in the jobs market, especially now when there are so many people with more experience, qualifications and skills available. Young people need to help themselves too by using the skills they do have. Knowledge of the internet, can easily lead them to searching for vacancies and jobs via online recruitment agencies such as